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Now, you can add your favorite videos, podcasts, Popular blogs, Instagram, Twitter, stories and anecdotes to the site. This gives you the time saving convenience of all your favorites on one site, and helps others by sharing what is important to you.





















Frequently Asked Questions

How do I benefit from sharing?

You benefit from increased awareness, being better informed and in some cases, entertained.

How do I add something to share with others?

Each has an option “Add”. When you submit something to add to the site,  it is sent to system administration for posting.

How do others benefit when I share?

You are imparting your knowledge for the benefit of other members. Save them time, give them access to information, and in some cases no doubt, entertained.

Can sharing help me in any other way?

You benefit from the timesaving convenience of having all your favorites on one site. No more having to click to multiple sites to find what you need. What you like is all here.

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