Join Groups; Create Groups.

Find a Mentor; Be a Mentor.

In a Non-Public, Private Setting.




Reach out and connect with our wider community. Make Birds of a Feather connections.

Group Discussions

Join Group Discussions. Create your own Groups based on topics of importance to you for opinions, views and information sharing.


Analogous to Big Brother/Big Sister and BFF concepts, develop special connections. To confirm, do not ask mentors for medical advice. Only seek medical advice from accredited doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Benefits from Connecting

Learn from others and their experiences. Let others learn from you. Give back and make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I seek medical advice or give medical advice on this site?

No. Never. Only seek medical advice from your doctors, clinic and authorized medical staff. Rather, use the site to connect with others for life experiences and views on a wide variety of topics on living a successful CF lifestyle.

Can I simply contact anybody in the community?

Yes. This is the initial reason CFTies was created. People with CF (us) cannot meet in person for medical reasons. This creates a big void and robs us of a missing element which can be very important. This site is all about establishing valued connections with community members in a private setting.

What do I do when someone contacts me?

Answer them.

I noticed that there are Public Groups, Private Groups and Hidden Groups. What’s the difference?

For Public Groups, anybody can see them, join and comment. For Private Groups, anybody can see the Groups but not the discussions; you can only join and comment if you accepted by the Group Creator or his/her appointed moderators. And Hidden Groups are only visible and accessible to members who have been invited to join by the Group Creator or his/her appointed moderators.

I see a Group discussing a topic where I have something to say, where I can contribute, or where I have a question. What should I do?

If it’s a Public Group, join the conversation. If it’s a Private Group, connect with the Group Creator to join the Group.

Can I create my own Group or Groups?

Yes. We recommend that you create a Group around a topic. Decide if you want the topic to be Public, Private or Hidden. Set up as many topics as you want. Note that Administration will, in time, delete any and all Groups seeking or giving medical advice.

What about mentors?

There are 2 aspects.

On one hand, many CF patients and family members are willing to share life experiences, knowledge and perspectives, for the benefit of others. They are ready to give back.

On the other hand, a number of CF patients and family members have a need to build sharing relationships to ask questions, learn from others, to have someone to communicate with in good times and in bad.

All seek to live a better, fuller life. 

Mentors do not give medical advice. Do not ask mentors for medical advice. Only seek medical advice from accredited doctors, nurses and medical staff.


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