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The Latest from Trusted Publishers

My Return to In-Person Clinic Visit

After several months of telehealth visits with my care team, I returned to the clinic for an in-person visit. Because of COVID-19, some aspects of the visit were different than before.

How to Keep Your Growth Game Strong

September is Self-improvement Month. It’s a timely reminder to stay woke on my growth game. Stagnation is not an option for me. It often leads to complacency, which then leads to murdered dreams....

Listening to Both Sides of the Mask Debate

“I want to take my mask off.” I said these words to my daughters two days ago in a Barnes & Noble bookstore, even though I have pontificated novels to the contrary since this novel virus hit....

The Latest from CF Organizations

Grab your spookiest costume & join us for #HALLOWEEN #MovieNight social 5pm Friday 30th October! We'll play fun, spooky games, eat popcorn & watch a film on #NetflixParty! If your child has #cysticfibrosis, is 8-14 & wants to sign up, please email:

Cystic fibrosis affects more than just the lungs. Tune in today for the final plenary of #NACFC on Facebook Live as Steven Freedman, MD, PhD, guides us through the GI aspects of CF, focusing on intestinal, liver, and pancreatic disease.

Watch live:

We're honoured to be your 40th year choice! Thank you Claire 💛 #TeamCF

When you are ready and comfortable to get away again, American Airlines is here for you! Visit to register for the Tomorrow’s Leaders Virtual Auction Week and bid on the amazing items such as this October 26th-30th!

The PMPRB have officially released their new regulatory guidelines. They can be found here:
Our team is convening to review the guidelines document and assess. We’ll provide an update asap.

The latest CFAwareness! Thanks to @justtammy_70 #technology #cysticfibrosis

Interested in a fellowship in #cysticfibrosis? Learn more about our new collaboration with the Pediatric Science Development Program.

We love Superlab! Our very own Agent S introduces kids to #clinicaltrials on her mission to help people with #cysticfibrosis

Grab your spookiest costume & join us for #HALLOWEEN #MovieNight social 5pm Friday 30th October! We'll play fun, spooky games, eat popcorn & watch a film on #NetflixParty! If your child has #cysticfibrosis, is 8-14 & wants to sign up, please email:

BEAT CF are mounting a huge study across Australia, starting in NSW and WA.

If you or your child are living with CF and would like to join this important study, click through for more information and to register your interest.

We have spoken to the @PMPRB_CEPMB who advised they plan to issue the new guidelines tomorrow, with public media briefing & webinar in the coming days. We will share details when possible. Our emergency all-party meeting for access to Trikafta tomorrow will proceed. #CFcantwait

What does defining the new #cysticfibrosis look like in the era of highly effective CFTR modulators? @maracray, an adult living with CF, shares her thoughts following plenary two of #NACFC and her personal experience with three CFTR modulators.

Have you registered for Taste of Utah yet? It's free and gives you access to the online auction starting November 7. Go to to register.

Also, be sure to mark your calendar for our virtual Taste of Utah celebration on November 12 at 6:00pm!


In the age of CFTR modulators and improved clinical treatments, aging with cystic fibrosis is ever changing. Quyen Duong, RRT at @InovaHealth, shares what she learned from, “Issues Across the Adult Lifespan,” at #NACFC, and what she’s excited to take back to her colleagues.

"Government red tape is keeping [Trikafta] out of Canada and patients don't have the luxury of time." - Su-Ling Goh, Global News Edmonton #cfcantwait

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