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Change can be hard, especially when transitioning from a pediatric to an adult #cysticfibrosis care center. Jenny Livingston, an adult with CF, shares what she wishes she would have done differently.


As temperatures soar, read these top tips to keeping cool with cystic fibrosis...


Cystic Fibrosis Canada invites you to join us for the next Ask the Experts session to provide answers to your questions on COVID-19 and CF. This session will focus on questions around back to school and back to work. Please send in questions in advance to

“My life with CF is uniquely mine. There is not one correct way to live with cystic fibrosis; after all, we all come from diverse backgrounds and have distinct experiences.” -Emily Apakian, an adult with #cysticfibrosis

HAPPY FRIIIIIIIDAY!!!! Got plans for the weekend? What's your #feelgoodfriday bit of wisdom to impart on your fellow #CFcommunity?


Please join us in congratulating Suzanne Ryanstrati, the founder of Dancing Together with CF, for receiving one of this year’s Impact Grants! 🕺 💃

"My daughter has struggled with weight gain for years. During the teen years, quick recipes have become more important with her busy lifestyle."

During a #HeatWave, an ice cold, calorific smoothie might just do the trick for teens with #cysticfibrosis!

As many people with #cysticfibrosis begin to return to the workplace after #shielding, it's more important than ever that you know your employment rights, including how to request reasonable adjustments at work.

Find out more here:

Each Friday we share seven pieces of #cysticfibrosis news, resources and community stories from the week. This weeks #CF7 includes:

👉Scotland strikes deal for #Kaftrio
👉Buns, bangers… Bubble BBQ
👉Back to school special

See all this and more:

An update on London Marathon 2020, we will be in touch next week with our runners via email.

Any queries in the meantime please email

We were so glad to see so many people join our Registry team on Wednesday. They talked about the importance of your data and how it helps us improve the lives of people with #cysticfibrosis. If you want to catch up with the session you can watch it here:

Join us this Saturday at 10 am EST for a live virtual workout and yoga session hosted by Evolve Fitness! $1 will be donated to CF Canada per person who tunes in on Saturday!

Join @HA_Summit on August 8 for a free, virtual event for young adults in the chronic disease community, including people with #cysticfibrosis. Speakers will discuss navigating the education system and workplace, mental health, and minority health.

Exciting news: Scottish government and vertex reach agreement on Kaftrio!
#curecf #cf #cysticfibrosis #support #educate #hope #health #cure #sixtyfiveroses #65roses #Vertex #Kaftrio #Trikafta

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland are providing information for members on the different types of face masks / face coverings and use of facemasks in the community.

Read the latest information:

Exercise is important for people with #cysticfibrosis of all ages & physical abilities. Our friends at Wu Shi Taiji & Qigong Association UK have made their home practice for people with CF available for free

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